Donna Arlene Wudyka was born in 1963, on the eastside of Detroit, Michigan. She attended her local elementary school and was a graduate of Finney High School in 1981.

In 1982, Donna moved to San Jose, California. It was there that she found her sobriety. Donna, a heavy drinker since the age of 9, became sober on November 13, 1983, and remains sober to this day. (You can read more about her life and recovery in her book "Reflection Collection - Sobriety." 

The following year, Donna moved back home to Michigan. She became a Detroit Police Officer on April 13, 1987. A ten-year veteran of the police force, Donna and her partner, were called to join Officer Patrick Prohm in the apprehension of suspects in a stolen vehicle. During the traffic stop, Officer Prohm suffered a fatal gunshot injury. Because she had been standing directly beside Officer Prohm when it happened, Donna was diagnosed with severe emotional trauma and PTSD. Unable to return to work, she retired from the force.

Donna has been in a committed relationship for 35 years with Sharon Hempel. In 2015, they became legally married. Today, in 2023, she is still married to the love of her life. They live in Florida with their Rhodesian Ridgeback, Border Collie, Lab mix pup, "Oreo," who will turn 6 this October.

Donna finds that sobriety, serenity and quality time spent with family and friends are the most important priorities in her life.